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At MegAlert, we are committed to making the workplace safer and more innovative than ever before. With over three decades of experience in the process control instruments industry, you can count on us to provide you with the high-quality products and excellent service our customers have come to expect. These qualities, along with our spirit of innovation and unparalleled customer understanding, combine to give you the best possible solution and experience for your business. Our devices ensure not only the safety of your personnel, but also the reliability you need from your motors and generators. At MegAlert, our promise is to continue providing you with innovative and leading-edge technologies that foster our vision of a smarter – and safer – workplace.

MEG-alert offerings:

  • Automatic permanently installed "True Dielectric" Insulation Resistance Testers with 500-5000vdc outputs
  • MotoGuard for AC Motors 120v to 13.8kv and DC Motors up to 1200vdc
  • GenGuard for Grounded/Ungrounded Generators 120/240 to 13.8kV and DC Generators up to 1200vdc